Donate today, so we can better prepare our youth for tomorrow.

Basketball4U (B4U) is a 501(c)3 whose mission is to offer opportunities to inner-city youth by way of building discipline with winning basketball teams through skill development, sportsmanship and community service. 
B4U is committed to developing young athletes by offering our skills to underprivileged youth and teaching discipline, hard work and sportsmanship while sharing the values of charity work. We strive to improve each athletes basketball skills as well as build highly competitive winning basketball teams, all while having fun! We created this select AAU Program with one goal in mind, to allow each of our youth athletes to be successful on and off the court!
We strongly believe in young athletes experiencing the life lessons and rewards of teamwork and helping others. It is a time-tested formula for success. Our teams will participate in charitable activities in our community each season to build character and because it is simply the right thing to do. 
Each youth athlete will leave a lasting impression and experience significant character development by participating in our organizations activities. These experiences will greatly benefit them not only as basketball players but future colleagues, neighbors and friends. 
B4U also offers assistance to under privileged youth to assist with the expense of basketball shoes, back to school supplies and spirit packs for school basketball season. 
B4U is designed to accomplish its mission by exposing students to National and International programs that will enhance, strengthen, train, develop and educate them in vital areas of life that are essential for successful living. The program curriculum include the areas of Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, Stock Market and Stock Option Trading, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, International Affairs, Sex Education/Relationships, Leadership, Social and Business Etiquettes, Politics, Technology and College Preparatory to name a few.
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